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Cible Group became operational in April 1986 with the company FANSI and ASSOCIATES which one year later became CIBLE Marketing and today Cible Etudes et Conseil.

In the beginning, the aim of this company was to produce courses in Statistics, Economics, Marketing and Accounting which were practical enough to facilitate the recruitment and rapid integration of young ESSEC graduates into companies.

Today, Cible Group has several companies in Cameroon namely: Cible Etudes et Conseil, Cible Rh Emploi, Cible Energie, as well as three subsidiaries in the Central Africa sub-region, respectively in CONGO, GABON, CHAD, and a company in Canada: Cible Canada development.

All the companies in the Group are part of a process of continuous service quality improvement and the management systems of Cible Etudes et Conseil, Cible Rh Emploi, Cible Energie, are now ISO 9001 version 2015 certified.

All the Group companies work to have real partnerships with stakeholders (customers, staff, administration, financial institutions, suppliers etc).

With the client, we generally limit ourselves to offering services that correspond to the specifications. However, with partners, we offer services that meet their needs (often may not expressed or poorly expressed in the specifications). This is why the Cible Group companies strive to make their customers the partners of choice.

2020 into 2021 was marked by the COVID 19 pandemic. Our businesses were affected, but we believe a better 2022 for our businesses and all stakeholders.

Accompagner nos partenaires dans la lecture objective de l’environnement de leurs activités et l’alignement conséquent de leurs stratégies de développement.
Apporter à nos partenaires notre expertise sans cesse améliorée en conseil, information et formation nécessaires à l’atteinte de leurs objectifs.
Devenir un acteur international majeur dans le domaine des ressources humaines et notamment dans la sous-region d’Afrique Centrale.
Fournir des services de qualités relevant du domaine d’électricité et de la maintenance industrielle.

Our Companies

Cible Etudes & Conseil

  • Marketing and Research studies
  • Socio-economic studies and institutional support
  • Geomatics
  • Data collection and engineering

Cible Rh Emploi

  • Recruitment support
  • Recruitment provision
  • Skills assessment
  • Management of activities (Subcontracting)

Cible Energie

  • Construction and maintenance of MV / LV lines
  • Cuts / Reconnections
  • Index readings and invoice distribution
  • Realization of electrical connections and standardization

Cible - Canada Development

  • Temporary or permanent international recrutement
  • Data collection and analysis

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